Why Are Roof Vents Important for Your Home?

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Roof ventilation is a system that provides sufficient air circulation to keep the atmosphere inside a home or building comfortable and safe for the occupants. There are two primary types of vents you should know about: 

  • Intake vents are responsible for letting cool, fresh air into the roof. They are found along the lowest eave.
  • Exhaust vents allow stale, moisture-filled air to escape the home. They are found along the peak of the roof.

When installed currently and according to the configurations of your roof, vents provide an array of long-lasting benefits. A hail roof damage expert discusses some of them below.

Reduced Moisture

Hot, humid climate and day-to-day activities inside the house, such as cooking and showering, can result in moisture buildup in the attic. Vents can mitigate this problem by promoting healthy airflow. They will let damp, stale air get out in exchange for fresh air from outside.

Protected Roof

Proper ventilation in the roof can be a lifesaver during hotter temperatures. However, it is not solely for the benefit of feeling cozy and refreshed inside your home. Without a well-designed ventilation system, hot air can accumulate in your attic and cause numerous problems. An overheated attic can bake asphalt shingles on the roof and cause them to rapidly decay. Mold and rot can also occur and compromise other components of your home, according to roofing specialists.

Lower Energy Costs

Your intake and exhaust vents are necessary for temperature control. Without them, your attic can become extremely hot, which means the rest of your living space can also heat up excessively. When this happens, homeowners often feel the need to crank up their air conditioning to meet their desired temperature inside their homes. This ultimately leads to higher utility bills.

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