What Size of Hail Can Damage Your Roofing?

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Hail damage can lead to a number of problems in your roofing, especially if you fail to recognize it early or if you delay the necessary repairs. Since some signs of hail damage are not obvious, it’s best to call a professional roofer after a hail storm so that they can check your roof, assess any damage that may have been caused by hail and perform storm damage repair.

Take note, however, that different kinds of hail can have varying impacts on your roofing. In this post, Atrium Roofing discusses various sizes of hail and the possible extent of damage that they can cause.

What Size of Hail Can Cause Roof Damage?

In general, hail of any size can damage the roofing depending on the condition of the roof and the speed at which hailstones will impact your roof. Roofing material may also be a factor since some roof types have better hail damage resistance than others. For instance, residential roofers often recommend metal roofs against hail damage since these are usually the most resilient when it comes to this type of damage.

Below are some common sizes of hail that you may encounter during a storm and the damage that you can expect from them:

  • Dime-Sized Hail – Hailstones as small as a dime do not usually cause serious damage. But if your asphalt shingles are already damaged or in poor condition, hail of this size can tear the shingles. If your roof is made of harder materials or you have relatively new shingles, there’s not much to worry about because small hailstones like these are unlikely to cause harm even at high velocity.
  • Quarter-Sized Hail – Hailstones of this size may not cause significant damage, but they can hasten the wear on your roofing. Higher speeds also increase the chance of roof damage, so make sure to watch out for signs of hail damage.
  • Half-Dollar Size – Hailstones that are larger than a quarter pose a significant risk to your roofing. They’re big enough to damage shingles, and with high-impact speeds, they can break slate tile or cause dents on metal roofs. With this size of hail, it’s best to call your roofer to check for damage after a storm.

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