Understanding the Common Causes Behind Roof Failures

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A well-built roof serves more than just protecting your home from the harsh weather elements. It also boosts your home’s visual appeal and raises its property value! But if you want to make the most out of your roofing system, don’t rely on unknown contractors who have a questionable track record. That’s why when you search online for “roofers near me”, you shouldn’t pick contractors that offer cheap rates for their roofing services. If the offer is too good to be true, it often is! You’ll also need a trusted professional in case you suddenly need a roof replacement. Despite regular care and maintenance, some roofs might fail prematurely, and it can be caused by many factors. Most of these factors aren’t hidden but weren’t addressed properly due to certain reasons, yet others only start to show after slow deterioration over time. Eventually, the deterioration compromised the entire structure’s durability and longevity, causing it to fail prematurely. So, what causes some roofing systems to fail? Our residential andcommercial roofing experts at Home Consulting explains some of the most common causes so that you’ll know what to look for:

Poor Workmanship and Design

The design and construction of a roofing system are crucial in ensuring its effectiveness and performance. But you should also be aware that not all types of roofing systems are built the same. For instance, low-sloped roofs are constructed differently compared to steeped ones, but how they’re built can be done differently for each contractor. And if they’re not designed properly, they can cause a roof to collapse or fail prematurely. Even if the roof is well-designed, it can still fail if it isn’t built properly. This is due to subpar workmanship and it can happen as soon as during installation. Make sure to do your research and choose a professional contractor who has a good reputation in the local community. If the contractor you hire has little or no knowledge of the building process, your roof will have problems that can become costly in the coming months or years.

Cheap/Defective Roofing Materials

Despite being sure that the roof has been installed properly, it’s still possible that it can get prematurely damaged due to the quality of materials being used in construction. Low quality or defective materials are typically below standard or faulty, which can affect the roof’s performance. It’s not always easy to spot defective materials as they may sometimes look no different than normal wear and tear, which is why maintenance checks by a professional roofing contractor are important. If the roofing material is found to be defective and it’s still under warranty, it can be fully replaced.

Putting Off Roof Maintenance

Don’t think that it’s okay to not pay much attention to your newly installed roof! Neglecting the roof’s maintenance for years will greatly impact its overall performance and lead to premature failure. If your roof isn’t properly maintained, not only will it speed up the deterioration rate of your roof (and cause premature failure) but it will also void its warranty and insurance. If this happens during an unexpected weather event that significantly damages your roof, you’ll be forced to shoulder the replacement costs!

Poor Ventilation

Any well-built roof should have an adequate ventilation system installed to keep the air circulating in the attic. During summer, warm air rises to your attic and can accumulate. With the right amount of insulation, this shouldn’t affect your indoor temperatures, but if the warm air stays in your attic, it can affect the roof’s inner structure. This is why roof vents are installed to properly expel the hot air while letting in cool and fresh air! However, you must have enough intake vents (which let in the fresh air) and exhaust vents (which are responsible for expelling the hot air) installed on your roofing system. Only an experienced roofing contractor knows how to ensure an adequate ventilation system; otherwise, it can cause heat and moisture buildup. This can cause rot to your roof’s inner structure, which can slowly deteriorate your roof. If it’s not addressed properly, it will lead to premature roof failure.

Structural Abuse

All roofs are built with a weight limit to how much they can hold. This is determined by precise roof inspections and calculations done by experienced professionals, as they’re also responsible for designing the right roofing system for your home. But if you tend to constantly walk over your roofing system or install a new layer of shingles without tearing off the old ones, it can put a big strain on its inner structure. If it goes over the weight capacity or you keep walking over it even if it’s not designed to, your roof can prematurely fail.

The Best Way to Prevent Roof Failure

Whether you have a residential or commercial roofing system, you need to consider how it can be maintained regularly. DIY roof maintenance isn’t recommended because you’ll need to wear the right safety gear and follow the necessary precautions. Most professional roofing contractors are already familiar with the requirements of proper roof inspections, as you can see them wearing non-slip boots, gloves, a safety harness, and other related safety equipment. They also have at least one spotter to hold the ladder and keep it steady while they go up to your roof. The best way to prevent roof failure is to ensure that your roof is maintained by a professional who you can trust. They must provide the right services for the task, which means your roof will undertake routine maintenance checks at least once during spring and another during fall every year. During a professional inspection, they’ll check for any leaks in your attic as well as damaged or missing shingles. Any issues spotted on your roof will be addressed appropriately to prevent future damage. They’ll also make sure that your gutters are free of clogs and debris to prevent water pooling and cause sagging. If you have not had your roof inspected recently, home consulting is here to help. We are a GAF Certified roofing contractor and an Owens Corning® Preferred Contractor, making all of our residential roofing contractors factory-trained. Ready to get started? Contact us today at 980-223-6524 or  here to schedule a free consultation!

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