Roofing Buying Guide: Top 3 Materials to Consider

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You probably already know how crucial a roof replacement can be. Most homeowners invest in this project only once or twice in their lifetime. This is because the time and money involved can be quite significant, which means you need to plan your project carefully and try to get it implemented without a hitch.

Your first order of business should be to pick out the right roofing material to suit your specific needs. Your choice of material, after all, is likely to affect your roofing’s performance and longevity.

Atrium Roofing areas gives a quick rundown of the most popular materials available today.


This is one of the most enduring roofing materials to date. Tile comes in either concrete or clay – both of which are durable enough to provide a century-worth of weather protection for your home. This option is usually available in warm, earthy colors, which match Spanish and Mission homes to perfection. Because tile is a great insulator, you can enjoy cooler and more comfortable living spaces minus the high cooling bills. The only downside is that tile requires specialized installation and an additional support structure to hold up its weight.


This option has evolved from its thin, rustic, corrugated form of the past. Metal roofing now comes in a sleeker design that makes it a staple in Contemporary and Modern homes. It also has inherent reflective properties that help reduce solar heat radiation, so your home remains cool even on the hottest days. Atrium Roofing, one of the trusted roofing specialists in and around San Antonio, TX, offers this exceptional option.

Choose from a wide selection of metal roofing from MBCI®, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our superior options include metal roof and metal wall applications, standing seam, insulated metal panels and retrofit roofing systems. When you choose us for installation and maintenance, you can expect up to 50 years of advanced weather protection and long-lasting performance.

Asphalt Shingles

This excellent option graces millions of homes across the country and tops the list of homeowners’ favorites. Asphalt shingles are lightweight, which make them faster, easier and more cost-effective to install. Atrium Roofing, expert in hail roof damage repair and replacement, is factory certified by GAF. Our asphalt shingle roofing systems can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Some of our GAF options come with state-of-the-art cooling technology to help reduce your air conditioning costs.

Their versatility is also a huge plus as they are able to complement most architectural styles with an extensive range of colors, textures and finishes. Some can even emulate the rich look and feel of genuine wood shakes and slate, allowing for many customization options. In addition, they provide an extra layer of protection to your investment because they are backed by solid warranties covering both materials and installation.

For the highest-quality and longest-lasting roofing systems available today, look no further than Atrium Roofing. We serve San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (210) 806-7171 to schedule your consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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