Questions to Answer When Building a Roof Management Strategy

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Crafting a commercial roof management strategy offers plenty of benefits for your building or facility, particularly maximizing the performance and longevity of your roof through technologically advanced solutions. An experienced contractor specializing in roof replacement and management will help develop a work plan that is suitable for your specific goals, priorities and budget. In order to come up with the best strategy and services you value the most, be prepared to answer the following questions:

What’s Your Intention for the Property?

Are you planning to hold the commercial building for the next two decades or is it your intention to flip it? Is the property a fundamental aspect of your business or will you be willing to move locations if a better opportunity becomes available? Understanding the time horizon for the property enables the contractor to create the best possible management strategy for your roof.

What’s the History of Your Current Roofing System?

Just like residential roofers, professional commercial roofing contractors need to know the ins and outs of your roofing system before making important decisions that will influence its performance. Some of the details you need to gather include:

  • The date the roof was installed and the name of the roof installer
  • Material manufacturers and warranty information
  • Maintenance records and photos
  • Design documents
  • Any problems or repairs that have occurred over the years

What Changes Are You Planning for the Property?

Your contractor should know whether or not you are planning to modify the building. Any small additions or upgrades to the roof, penetrations, drainage and other structural components can dramatically impact the overall condition of your roofing system. Also, discuss any restrictions that can affect the work on your commercial property, such as areas that cannot be accessed, so your contractor can plan accordingly.

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