Metal Roofs Don’t Attract Lightning; Here’s Why

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If you’re planning on getting a roof replacement soon, you might be hesitant about using metal for your installation. If this is because you believe that a metal roof will increase the likelihood of lightning striking your home, then you need to know that this is just a myth. While metal is highly conductive and is used to make lightning rods, it doesn’t mean it can also attract as much lightning. As a reliable name among residential roofers, Atrium Roofing explains why this isn’t true:

Roofing Materials Don’t Factor in Where Lightning Strikes

Although lightning has been studied for a long time, there is still little information about how it’s formed or where it can strike. This makes it unpredictable at times, but what we do know is that it can strike or discharge depending on the type of storm as well as the topography and geography of the area. 

Even if they’re made with the same materials used in lightning rods, a metal roof replacement won’t attract lightning. This is because lightning tends to strike taller objects and structures, and lightning rods are designed to channel lightning safely to the ground. So, if you have tall trees near your roof, for instance, they’re more likely to get hit by lightning. 

A Lightning Strike is Also Less Dangerous

Even when lightning strikes your metal roof, it can protect your home and its inhabitants much better than other roofing materials. Of course, the damage a lightning strike can inflict on your home will still depend on whether you have combustible materials installed and how many occupants you have. Some of your electronic equipment inside your home will still be sensitive to lightning, regardless of whether you have your roof built with metal or some other material.

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