Key Things to Know About Your Commercial Roofing Warranty

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Taking care of your roof is essential because it is one of the main components that protect a building against extreme weather and harsh outdoor elements. It requires proper and regular maintenance from skilled roofers. Aside from annual inspections, it is also a good idea to get your roof checked after a severe storm. 

Here are things you need to know about commercial roofing warranties. 

Common Types of Manufacturer Warranties

When deciding on roofing materials and contractors, warranties should be among the first things you should consider. Roofing manufacturers may offer a no dollar limit (NDL) warranty, material warranty, labor and material warranty, or roof system warranty. 

No Dollar Limit Warranty (NDL)

A manufacturer NDL warranty comes into play if you received defective products or items that failed early, even under proper use during the warranty period. Even if the cost of repairs is higher than the roof replacement, your manufacturer would still cover them. Manufacturing defects or early aging are two of the most common causes of material failures.  

However, only materials that you purchased from the manufacturer will be covered by this warranty. For instance, if your roof is leaking because of gaps in the chimney or vents, an NDL warranty will not cover the problem. An NDL warranty is usually one of the top-of-line coverage manufacturers offer, and it often comes at an additional charge. 

Material Warranty

A material warranty can last from 10 to 30 years or more. It guarantees that the products will not fail within a specified time. There is typically no charge for this type of warranty. However, materials that your commercial roofing contractor uses, which are not from the manufacturer will not be covered by this warranty. Moreover, the kinds of faulty workmanship this warranty covers depends on the manufacturer. 

Labor and Material Warranty

This type of warranty covers defective materials and poor workmanship up to a certain dollar amount. If you have a large roofing system, you are more likely to reach the covered limit quickly. It is also usually prorated, or the coverage limit reduces over the years. 

Roofing System Warranty

Membrane-only warranty or roofing system warranty only covers the material itself. It does not cover issues related to the insulation or decking. Sometimes, it can have a no dollar limit and coverage for roof leaks due to poor labor or material, making it more valuable. It is the most basic type of warranty a manufacturer can offer. 

Contractor Warranty

Hiring the right roofer is not always easy, with all the companies out there. Even the best quality materials are at risk of failing early when not installed correctly. Researching can help you find the best company for your project. 

First, get a list of contractors in your area by searching, “roofers near me” online. Once you have chosen your prospective contractor, check their websites for sample works and read reviews. Experts suggest obtaining at least three estimates from different companies. When consulting your potential contractors, ask for proof of license, insurance, and bonding. Take note of any certifications they have and do not forget to inquire about the warranties they are offering. 

Contractor warranty may cover the installation and the products they used to perform the job. How long the coverage of warranty a contractor offers says a lot about the quality of their work. A roofer who is confident about their skills will not hesitate to offer a comprehensive and extended warranty. Keep in mind that a comprehensive warranty can be a great financial asset. 

What Can Void Your Commercial Roofing Warranty?

Not Addressing Storm Damage

After a storm, get an inspection from a professional roofing contractor. High winds, hail, and heavy storms can be damaging to your roof. Do not wait until your scheduled maintenance to have your roof inspected. If possible, document the damage because you can use these photos to support your insurance claim. Failing to address roof damage caused by poor weather can invalidate your warranty. 

Unauthorized Changes to the Roof

Some types of construction can significantly damage your roof, such as mechanical equipment that punctures its structure. Make sure to hire an experienced installer for your new HVAC system or vents to keep your roof in good shape. The company to install these kinds of equipment should have training in correct flashing techniques. Leaks from improper installation of rooftop equipment will not be covered by your warranty and can even void it. 

Poor Maintenance

Many roofing warranties state that you need to maintain your roof regularly to keep them valid. Damage due to neglect is also not covered by most warranties. Taking care of your roof will extend the system’s life and keep your building and its occupants safe. A roof that is not maintained is more likely to suffer from early deterioration. 

Who Should You Contact For Your Roofing Issues?

You should contact your manufacturer for the replacement of faulty products. They should provide you new ones free of charge as long as your warranty is valid. However, the manufacturer is not responsible for materials your roofer supplied or issues that resulted from improper installation. 

Your roofing contractor should handle repairs for any defective materials they supplied. They should also correct any installation mistakes free of charge for the duration of your warranty. Contractor warranties are typically longer than the ones from manufacturers. When considering roofers, always pay attention to how long their material and labor warranty lasts. 

Moreover, it is your responsibility as a building owner or manager to maintain your roof, so your warranty stays valid. Annual maintenance and inspections are investments that can prolong the service life of your roof. Maintenance plans are great because they are convenient and provide a paper trail, which is necessary when you need to use your roofing warranty. 

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