4 Tips on Maximizing Your Insurance Claim

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A storm with heavy rainfall and strong, high winds can severely damage your home and belongings. It is important to understand your homeowner’s insurance and how to properly file a claim in order to get adequate coverage for all the losses. In this article, roofing specialists from Atrium Roofing details four tips to help you maximize your property insurance claim.

1. Take photos of the damage.

After making sure that every member of your family is safe and sound, grab a camera device and take photos of the damage, from the roofing system to interior items. This documentation will serve as proof of what initially happened since things may look different by the time the insurance adjuster arrives.

2. Stop ongoing problems immediately.

You need to stop urgent problems from getting worse as soon as possible. An example of this is patching up pipes that are damaged and leaking. It is not practical to let water flow and create messy puddles on the floor for your insurance adjuster to see it. A reputable roof replacement contractor says that your insurance company may not cover losses that are completely avoidable in the first place.

3. Prepare a complete home inventory.

Ideally, you have already planned this ahead of time. But if you are one of the many people who have not, you will need to collect purchase receipts and photos of the possessions that were destroyed or damaged during the rainstorm. Add this to the documentation that is needed to further your property restoration cause.

4. Get estimates from contractors.

Consult two to three storm damage contractors and get estimates from each of them. These repair and replacement estimates will be useful to compare to the claims adjuster’s estimate. If you think that the total restoration costs that your insurance company has provided are not enough, you can use the estimates you received from contractors to argue for more coverage.
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