3 Common Shingle Roof Installation Mistakes

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Investing in a new shingle roof is a huge deal, usually taking a considerable amount of your time and money. For this reason, make sure to hire reliable and experienced roofing specialists, like Atrium Roofing, for the job. We have already worked on countless roof installation projects, and with our decades-worth of combined industry experience, we can provide only unmatched workmanship. This means we will never make these shingle installation mistakes that can lead to major problems later on:

  1. No starter strip shingles. Proper shingle roof installation will hinge on the presence of starter strip shingles. They are installed so they overhang the edge of the eaves slightly, allowing for smoother water runoff. By providing the initial layer of sealant, the starter strip products help prevent your shingles from blowing off in a windstorm, while also significantly reducing the potential of water infiltration.
  2. Incorrect Nailing. You’ll want your new asphalt roofing shingles to remain firmly in place, and this means making sure the material is nailed the right way. As a GAF® certified roofing contractor, Atrium Roofing strictly adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines of proper shingle nailing. We use only the correct number of nails and place them only where specified. This way, we can eliminate the possibility of roof leaks, ensuring your new system can deliver the superior weather performance you expect. We also give the same attention to detail when working on metal roofing installations. 
  3. Improper Shingle Alignment. To get the most of your new shingle roofing system, the asphalt shingles have to be precisely aligned, both horizontally and vertically. This is done by laying out each course of shingles in a staggered, stepped pattern. The edges of the shingles in one course must also be offset from the shingles below. Otherwise–if the shingle edges are lined up–with each other–water can leak into the roof deck.

Aside from hail roof damage repair, Atrium Roofing can also work on your shingle roofing installation. You can always expect the work to be done perfectly right the first time. We serve the areas in and around San Antonio, TX. Call us today at (210) 806-7171 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation. 

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